This is a selection of work I've done recently -- some projects are large, some small; some for the computer, some for print. My intention is to show a variety of different styles rather than showing just major projects. Although I can talk "information space navigation paradigms" and "intuitive user metaphors" with the best of them, this collection includes more graphics than user interface or interactive design projects, simply because -- aside from web design -- it's easier to show graphics than interaction in this medium.

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Lester the Lion

Pioneer Valley Educational Press

Lester the Lion Books (non tech project)

Project: watercolor illustrations for children's early reader series
Description / constraints: client wanted lions, but gave me free reign otherwise, as long as pictures accurately reflected the text to help children learn to read
Design approach: playful, fun, with humorous details

NearSpace logo


NearSpace is a wireless application and service provider that creates guides to complex built environments -- trade shows, corporate or university campuses, malls, etc. -- linking text information to maps and floorplans, for the Palm OS and Web platforms.

"Kate Withey is the most talented artist and designer in constrained display format 'pixel space' that I've ever worked with. She delivers a great combination of talent, discipline, and innovative thought in everything she does."
-- Creighton Hoke, NearSpace founder and CEO

Note: All images in this section are (c) copyright NearSpace, Inc.


Home Screens
: Palm OS screens
Description / constraints: start screens for each "venue" to entice the user in, usually incorporating 4 buttons and venue logo (160x130 pixels, 2-bit grayscale)
Design approach: clear, tappable and sexy


Tiny Icons
: icons
Description / constraints: 10x10 pixel icons (in 2-bit grayscale) for a wide range of toolbar and display functions
Design approach: as recognizable as possible in that little space!


: Palm OS screens
Description / constraints: maps of streets, sites, or floorplans (160x130 pixels, 2-bit grayscale)
Design approach: clarity and ease of use: abstract out unnecessary detail to emphasize key areas, paths, or landmarks


Consort Caritatis


Project: web site design
Description / constraints: complete web site construction, including overall organization, design, layout, & graphics -- based on marketing plans, CD liner notes, & logos from client
Design approach: clean, conservative, integrated, fitting in with existing dove logo



The following are a few of the projects I've done for various groups & divisions at Sun. (Please note: All images are (c) copyright Sun Microsystems, Inc.)


Motorola PageWriter Graphics
: graphics - Motorola PageWriter
Description / constraints: graphics for JavaOne99 demo of 2-way Java-enabled pager -- on small screens, in 2-bit grayscale
Design approach: fun, playful, sketchy style


Palm Pilot Graphics
: graphics - Palm Pilot
Description / constraints: graphics & maps for JavaOne99 demo of Java-enabled Palm Pilot -- on small screens, in black & white
Design approach: clean & straightforward


Duke T-shirt
: T-shirt
Description / constraints: T-shirts for JavaOne99 (4 colors on white), using Duke & showing off a bunch of Java devices
Design approach: fun, consistent with Duke style


Internet Plus Pack
: icon set
Description / constraints: application & file icons in 3 sizes, both b/w & color, using Common Desktop Interface palette & style
Design approach: professional, consistent with Common Desktop Interface


Mondex smart-card reader
: user interface & graphics
Description / constraints: design the software interface and graphics for a Mondex smartcard reader; keeping the window small, & being as consistent as possible with the way the hardware card readers work
Design approach: build on icons & buttons from Mondex's physical smart-card reader (with which users would be familiar)


PC card administration utility
: graphics
Description / constraints: represent different categories of PC cards for a software utility to manage them
Design approach: use realistic PC card image with "embossed" icons -- use standard hardware icons where available, design others


: icon set
Description / constraints: Design button icons & mini list icons for JavaServer administration tool
Design approach: fun, retro, playing on java/coffee theme 


Computer Closet

Computer Closet
: logo, signs & business cards
Description / constraints: come up with logo, fonts & graphic look; create storefront signs and business cards
Design approach: clean but fun -- client had basic idea what he wanted (black triangle/ yellow circle); I integrated the circles & colors into a logotype



Rubric is a pioneer in web-based Enterprise Marketing Automation software. I was involved in all stages of the user interface design and graphic look of the product, as well as many other graphic projects for the company. The following show a couple of design issues in the software, plus a couple of other graphic projects.


EMA Control Center
Project: UI & icon set
Description / constraints: design look & feel & graphics for main navigation button panel, using colors and widgets that work on the web
Design approach: standard clickable button panel; bright, bold, fun graphics


Main EMA window
Project: screen layout & graphic style
Description / constraints: design the overall look of the product: what should a substantial web application look like?
Design approach: 3-D gray "application" style vs. flat, graphic "web" style


Project: wine label
Description / constraints: design original art for private-label wine for software release (which was code-named "zinfandel")
Design approach: integrate company's "closed-loop" logo & other symbols into hand-drawn design. (Alternate approaches shown, too)


Project: sticker
Description / constraints: design an attention-getting "gorilla marketing" sticker for a trade show event
Design approach: figure out how to draw a gorilla!


Art Projects

Coming soon: I'll be adding some of my personal artwork in all sorts of media -- stained glass & glass mosaics, clay sculpture, paper mobiles, paper mache projects, cards, drawings & paintings -- stay tuned!


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