"The journey is the reward."

o The ideal 

My dream work environment is an open, creative, supportive space, full of light & ideas & toys & plants. It encourages brainstorming sessions & cross-fertilization between disciplines. It understands that creativity by nature is cyclical & serendipitous. It recognizes that people need balance in their lives to stay productive & sane, & that some people work better part time than full time. The people believe in what they are doing, that their work will bring value to the world, not just money to its creators. They share an international outlook & an appreciation for the value of diverse points of view. (Bonus points for being multi-lingual & for being about kids/education or arts.)

Notice I haven't said what these people are actually doing. To me, what I call the "shape & color" of the environment is more important than the product itself. I'm extremely bright & creative; I can apply my talents in a variety of ways, & I can quickly learn what I need about the specific tools & content of a particular discipline. I am a designer: I solve problems that involve the combination of graphics, words, or interactions to communicate ideas or functionality, whether in a 2-dimensional, 3-dimensional, or interactive design space. The right situation could lure me away from my life of consulting to a "real" job.

o The norm 

Until & unless I find this perfect environment, I do contract design work. Icons, graphics, web stuff, mobile/wireless devices, user interfaces -- I'm happy doing little jobs as well as big ones. I'm based in the San Francisco Bay Area, but am willing to go almost anywhere (send me to Paris!) for meetings or short-term work.



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