Clients & employers say this about me...


"Kate Withey is the most talented artist and designer in constrained display format 'pixel space' that I've ever worked with. She delivers a great combination of talent, discipline, and innovative thought in everything she does."

- Creighton Hoke, NearSpace founder and CEO


Kate is one of those gems in the UI design area. She can do extraordinary things with pixels in small spaces. She goes above and beyond in her creativity, and she's always convinced she can do a bit more. And she delivers on time!

- Annette Wagner, Senior User Experience Lead, Consumer Mobile Systems Group, Sun


"[Kate's work] demonstrated to us at NearSpace something we had really been hoping was true: that, with sufficient creativity and skill, it's possible to create graphical images for a screen the size of the Palm PDA's that are extremely readable, informative, and intuitive She has continued to produce ever more surprising work, not only graphics of great quality and creativity, but models of user interaction that continually widen the bounds of what is possible on this small platform.

"Though artistry and user-interface design may be considered the core of Kate's skill set, I have been repeatedly surprised at the extent and depth of her understanding of the theoretical and technical underpinnings of computer graphics, which has considerably rounded out my own understanding."

- Greg Lutz, Founder and CTO, NearSpace; Founder and past Board member, Autodesk


"Kate is an outstanding user interface designer, with particular skill in the design of applications that run on small form factor devices like PDAs. She is also one of the few people I've met to whom I would apply the adjective 'delightful'. If you need a high-quality user interface designer, I recommend Kate to you without qualification."

- Brad Zehring, Founder and past VP, Marketing, NearSpace


Kate helped to make Sinia's mobile phone and Web user interfaces more attractive and much easier to use. I'd be happy to recommend her to anyone looking for a visual designer with good understanding of how people work with complex information.

- Herb Jellinek, CTO and Founder, Sinia (now part of fusionOne)


"After 17 years of designing and developing software with an emphasis toward high quality User Interface and Usability design, my standards have become very high for others in this field. Kate Withey exceeds these standards! Kate is a graphic artist extraordinare with a keen design sense for how software should be presented to users for maximum comprehension and usability. Kate is an asset to any team."

- Jeff Small, Senior Engineer, NearSpace


"She's so good she's been verbified! ... Kate's amazing ability to add clarity and beauty to every aspect of the user experience led to the term 'Katification' immortalizing her in our specifications."

- Colleen O'Rourke, Chief Venue Architect, NearSpace


"This is absolutely f_ing outrageous!"
-Anonymous client (in a tone of amazed delight at my design...)



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