Pioneer Valley Educational Press

Pioneer Valley Educational Press publishes sets of books at different levels for beginning readers to use in a classroom setting. They chose me as their first illustrator -- their previous books (over 70 titles) were all illustrated with photographs -- and everyone who has seen my pictures has been crazy about them! Books can be ordered from PVEP.

Note: All images are (c) copyright Pioneer Valley Educational Press.


Lester the Lion Books

Project: watercolor illustrations for children's early reader series
Description / constraints: client wanted lions, but gave me free reign otherwise, as long as pictures accurately reflected the text to help children learn to read
Design approach: playful, fun, with humorous details

Other info: I show only a couple of illustrations from each book here -- along with the cover, which I designed, too -- there were 6-10 illustrations in each of the six books. The books are about 6x8 inches; the illustrations vary from smaller to full-page.

    I can put on my pajamas. I can brush my teeth.
  "Here," said the mouse. "Have a flower."  "Let's go for a walk!"
  "You have a messy room," said Lester.  Momma Lion said,
"Lyla, your room is all clean. Thank you!"
   Lester and Lyla got a new piano.  Poppa Lion played a song on the piano.
"I like that song," said Lester.
"I want to play," said Lyla.
   Lester liked to sing.
He liked to sing in a very loud voice.
Lester liked to sing a lot.
..."I'm going outside," he said.
Lester went ouside to sing.
When he began to sing all the birds flew away.
   Lester got very hot outside.
He took a drink of water from the hose.
"There," said Lyla,
"Your haircut is all done!"
Lester looked at himself in the mirror.
"Oh, no!" he said.

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