Project: Palm OS screens
Description / constraints: maps of streets, sites, or floorplans (160x130 pixels, 2-bit grayscale)
Design approach: clarity and ease of use: abstract out unnecessary detail to emphasize key areas, paths, or landmarks

Other info: The issues about what makes a clean, useful map are fascinating... especially when you're trying to convey a large area in a very tiny, low-resolution space. These maps had to not only convey how to get somewhere, but to make clear which areas are tappable, and which are just informational.

 I did maps ranging from zoomed-out freeway views to locate a venue... neighborhood and site views... individual building views and floor plans:

The following 9 maps (in a slightly overlapping 3x3 grid) show every building on the Stanford University campus:

I also did Stanford freeway and main campus maps, and a zoomed-in view of the Law School buildings (indicated by the dotted rectangle on the maps above):


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