Motorola PageWriter Graphics

Project: graphics - Motorola PageWriter
Description / constraints: graphics for JavaOne99 demo of 2-way Java-enabled pagers -- on small screens, in 2-bit grayscale
Design approach: fun, playful, sketchy style

Other info: This project was a lot of fun. It was all done as a demo for JavaOne99 -- showcasing what the newly announced KVM can do -- and since it wasn't a shipping product, we could play with it a lot more than usual. (The attendees at JavaOne loved it!)

As well as the graphics & screen layouts shown here, I designed all the graphic bits throughout the system: small icons, game elements, controls, etc.



This is what the device looks like, and some of the main screens that I did.

 moto device Home screenhome screen
  Fun screenfun screen
  Options screenoptions screen   Contrast screencontrast screen


Dialog Dukes

Although I didn't design the original "Duke" Java mascot, I've gotten to design him doing a bunch of things. The little dialogs on the PageWriter all use Duke; these are a few of the ones I did.

  Beaming IR...
beaming dlog

  Delete unsaved message?
delete dlog

  Yikes! Stop! Watch out!
yikes dlog


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